Coir geotextiles stabilised slope monitoring

Coir geotextiles stabilised slope monitoring

Coir Products are a natural and biodegradable solution that are extensively employed to combat a variety of environmental challenges.  Coir geo-textiles offer a number of benefits over synthetic geo-textiles. In addition to being 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly, they::


  • Adding  organic material to soil
  • Promotes vegetative growth
  • Tough, durable, versatile and resilient
  •  High tear-strength resistance
  • Easy to install / maintain / patch-up.
  • Follows the contour of the soil surface.
  • Have hygroscopic properties

An array of academic studies have shown the practical benefits of coir geotextiles when employed for civil engineering programs and slope stabilization programs. These products are able to provide a natural support system until vegetation is able to take root.

Customers for coir netting such as civil engineers, environmental engineers and contractors will find these studies on coir geotextiles in slope stabilisation interesting:



that there is a substantial improvement in the parameters like organic carbon, soil water content, soil moisture retention and vegetative growth. It maybe concluded that this technology can be applied for the eco-restoration of the stretches of degraded wastelands in terms of land, water and bio biomass management.


Other studies have arrived at similar conclusions:



The test proved successful in preventing erosion while at the same time facilitating crop yield. Soil moisture retention and productivity prove to be higher on the treated slope.

The conclusions in this study, “The protective and attractive covering of a vegetated embankment using coir geotextiles”, are particularly noteworthy

Field experiments, involving a local community in Kerala, have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of coir geotextiles to stabilize banks of hydraulic structures and particularly the steeply sloping banks of a pond. The community was very enthusiastic about the effectiveness of the coir, particularly in combination with a local grass variety. The coir with grass appeared to be the most effective to prevent erosion, to retain moisture and nutrients and to facilitate grass growth. Moreover the slope with grass was productive in providingfodder. The degradation of the natural fibres over time did not result in any loss of effectiveness. On the contrary: the fibre contributed to the natural fertility of the soil after thevegetation cover was well established and the geotextile was no longer needed for bank stability. The relative cheapness of the material and the potential for producing and laying the matting with local labour makes the use of coir geotextiles a very attractive option for sustainable development scenarios in watershed management.


Selection of netting

With the effectiveness of  coir geotextiles in slope stabilisation established, what type of coir products are best deployed for this purpose? CoirGreen has a variety of products that can meet the requirements of clients such as civil engineers, environmental engineers and contractors. These are include:

  • CGgeo ™400gsm Coir geotextiles ( coir netting)
  • CGgeo ™700gsm Coir geotextiles ( coir netting)
  • CGgeo ™900gsm Coir geotextiles ( coir netting)

A higher density of netting results in a tighter mesh with less open area and the most appropriate type of netting is based on their application:

  • Higher density netting is most suitable for slopes where there is a minimal amount of vegetation.
  • Lighter density of coir netting is ideal for erosion control areas with vegetation

At CoirGreen, using the knowledge gain from a number of successful implementations, we are more than happy to help our clients select the optimum type of netting for their requirements. Contact us now to find out more!

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