Using coir growbags for growing vegetables

Using coir growbags for growing vegetables

A growbag is generally made of pressed coir or peat. Sometimes, pressed coir husk chips or a mixture of peat and chips are used in the production of coir bags. You can find growbags that may contain 100% pressed coir or mixes of peat and husk chips that range anywhere from 80% – 50%. The majority of growbags are 100% biodegradable with a few exceptions, so before you purchase your growbags make sure to ask about how organic and biodegradable it is.

What are the advantages of using growbags?

There are many benefits that a grower can experience using coir growbags:

  • You get to enjoy financial savings as an ongoing process in your purchases as growbags can often be reused and also have a long life span. This means that you will not find the need to keep buying growbags all the time, unless there has been some kind of pest or fungal infection that has spread among the bags that you use.
  • It reduces the transplant shock that many plants grow through. Transplant shock occurs when you relocate a growing plant from the pot to the ground. More often than not, this slows down the growth of the plant and sometimes may even cause plant death. However with CoirGreen growbags you do not need replant from the pot to the ground as the roots can reach out through the pot itself.
  • It offers an environmentally friendly manner of farming with a growth medium that is 100% biodegradable and sustainable. You will not be harming nature in anyway and even after the pots are no longer in use, they will help your soil by decomposing into it and making the soil fertile.
  • They offer stable pH and EC values so that your plants can grow well. If you are using these for any crops you can expect a good harvest and yield through the use of growbags.
  • Growbags encourage fast and robust root development. When roots approach the edge of the growbag, the air dries out at the root tip and causes it to desiccate. This helps the root to branch out and become fibrous in a process called air pruning. It stops root circling and promotes fibrous roots throughout the root ball.
  • Growbags come with a high air holding capacity, and this ensures good drainage and excellent crop management. The unique air-water ratio allows for an even distribution of roots throughout the substrate.

These are some of the main advantages that you can enjoy with the use of CoirGreen® growbags in your garden

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