The Usage of Coir as a combatant to Soil Erosion

Coir or coconut fiber which would assumingly would make more sense when referred to is as important a product as any other basic commodity or service that one may come across and require in large volumes on a daily basis. Coir fibers are found nestled between the hard, internal shell and the outer layer of the coconut. They may appear quite useless at first sight but later becomes harder and mature enough as a product that could withstand a considerable amount of pressure when best put to use.

Hence we may now arrive at and discuss a global issue that affects the lives of communities regardless of their social status and background. Soil erosion or the wastage of land etc has quite literally played havoc time and time again, creating unrest among the global community. This is where the usage of coir as a natural material plays a significant and at times somewhat of a leading part in negating soil erosion to a greater extent. Like in the erosion control industry, coir also proves a worthy opponent in terms of versatility and durability in the agricultural and horticultural sectors adding weight and support in uplifting and improving the standards of these sectors respectively.

However grave situations may turn out to be, soil erosion indeed can be prevented largely due to the products such as Geotextiles, Erosion Control Blankets and Biologs (Coir logs) being produced on a regular basis to safeguard the surrounding natural environment. Thus enabling the preservation process to take root in what already seems a bleak natural environment that is forever under serious threat of being wiped out completely due to the negligence and certain actions of power-hungry corporate entities the world over. Nevertheless coir proves an ideal combatant to soil erosion as it acts as a natural barrier against the forces of nature itself. That being wind and water that undoubtedly plays the role of culprit and is a major factor in soil erosion. Additionally soil erosion on riverbanks and hillsides are prevented to a greater extent when brown coir fiber are designed and manufactured in a way that they form a sort of blanket that envelopes the areas when placed accordingly.

Moreover the usage of coir is not limited to a said and given sector. It also paves the way for plants, weeds to be grown in an environmentally friendly environment but above all in a manner that safeguards and nurtures and aids in the growth process of plants of all shapes and sizes. The usage of coir prevents unwanted water from remaining in the area and ushers in a water flow that is best suited to plant growth. The coir around the plant holds sufficient levels of water that the plant could make use of when needed. Thus we could draw up a conclusion that the growth system of plants is better influenced when a natural product like coir is used.

On a lighter note, CoirGreen® – (, an employee owned entity has paved the way for a greener tomorrow through its sound and efficient conduct and production of nature savvy products that cater to eradicating soil erosion in general. The company stays true its policy of being environmentally friendly and caters to a global cause by means of producing goods and services in an efficient manner for a greener future. CoirGreen® is one of the pioneer companies in the industry to reduce the carbon foot-print we create.

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