Secret Santa with a twist!

Secret Santa with a twist!

We’ve had a great 2016 at CoirGreen, and we’re wrapping up the year by playing Secret Santa with a twist!

In our last blog post, we spoke about why it is important to speak up for a safe and healthy environment. As environmental issues continue to come to the forefront of global discussions, we are often reminded of the need to be aware of how our actions can either harm or protect the planet we live in.

At CoirGreen, we believe education is key, and this December, we are asking each Secret Santa to leave a piece of information on how we can change our everyday actions to help protect the environment.

We’ve asked everyone to be creative in what they say and how they say it. We’ll be sharing our messages with each other just before Christmas. What’s more is that we’re hoping to share these messages with our family and friends. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you in the dark. We’ll post some of these great messages here too! Better yet, why not join us with your own Environment Secret Santa? Don’t forget to let us know how that goes.

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