CoirGreen® Nursery bags are made out of natural coco peat (coconut coir peat). This is a natural, renewable product produced from coconut husks. The plants grown in Coco peat require less frequent watering as a result of more water holding capacity.

Nursery bag – 10cm X 10cm (8cm expansion) come in a biodegradable poly bag to ensure easy handling/planting.

Benefits of using CoirGreen® Nursery bags:

  • Eco-friendly renewable resource.
  • Easy handling and planting .
  • Is a perfect multipurpose growing media.
  • The right coco peat has high aeration (air porosity).
  • Coco peat absorbs water easily but doesn’t absorb too much.
  • Coco peat enhance strong and healthy root system.
  • Cocopeat can be treated.

CoirGreen® – “Environmentally Friendly”

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