Coir Pallets

Looking for cost-effective organic protection? Coir pallet planters (also known as coir pillows) are a suitable alternative to hard revetments. They provide an apt method of introducing marginal habitats to artificially lined lakes, rivers and canals.

Why Coir?

Coir is an ideal geotextile membrane for erosion control and vegetation establishment, made using coconut fibre, and is completely sustainable. Coir is used with an average fibre length of 13 – 150mm. The high lignin content of coir gives it a ‘woody’ characteristic, which enables fibre to cope with high-energy water flows, and maintain a long degradation period of approximately 3 – 5 years.

Coir pallets (coir pillows) can be vegetated with any mix of native wetland plants, producing islands of established vegetation. Given sufficient lead-time, local provenance plants/seeds can be contract grown into the pallet planters. Each species mix should reflect the erosion control needs of the site as well as the local ecological requirements.

Usage/benefits of CoirGreen® Coir Pallets/Pillows

  • Stream/river bank protection
  • Storm water channels
  • Protection from wind erosion and Wetland environments
  • Mulching, antiweed, vegetative water channels
  • Providing a natural solution to scour protection whilst allowing marginal plants to develop for protection.

CoirGreen® – “Environmentally Friendly”

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