Coir Logs

Coir Green Waterlogs – Biologs – Coirlogs are made out of cylinder/round shape netting packed with Coir fiber. Each log comprises of coir netting/matting, packed with coir coconut fiber ranging from 7 – 9kg per linear meter. The diameter of the log varies as per requirement, usually come as 20cm, 30,40cm and 50cm diameter with 2 or 4 meter length for the cylindrical logs.

Over a period of time, coir which is eco-friendly and biodegradable completely disintegrates leaving only humus, which enriches the soil.

Usage of CGlogs

  • Stream bank stabilization
  • Shoreline protection
  • Wetland mitigation
  • Channel edge liner
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Landscaping

Advantages of CGlogs

  • Easy to install, 100% natural, eco-friendly and bio-degradable geotextile fabric
  • Water absorbent coir coconut fiber acts as mulch on the surface and as a wick in the soil
  • The excellent micro-climate coir provides establishment, natural invasion and balanced healthy growth.
  • Coir jute matting / netting provides restoration of terrestrial and aquatic riparian habitat.
  • Coir logs are an environmentally-friendly product
  • Allows for deep rooting of plants while providing nutrients
  • Customised to specific requirement for projects (Eg: 30cm X 2m with 7kg of coco fiber per LM….)
  • Root strength provides superior shear stress protection
  • Naturally resistant to mold & rot, hence needs no chemical treatment
  • Native vegetation means robust growth and less maintenance


  • Coir logs can easily be anchored with wooden stakes, spaced either 1, 3, or 4 feet apart, depending on the hydraulic sites condition.
  • They are installed against the shoreline at the toe of the water-way.
  • End of adjacent Waterlogs are tied together with coco coir twine.
  • Plants are placed in the holes of the logs (on top of the log between the coir netting holding the logs together)
  • Plants are usually pre-planted

“Our air, water, soil, forests, oceans, rivers, lakes, scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, minerals, that is the wealth of the country.”
– Gaylord Nelson (1916-2005)


CoirGreen® – “Environmentally Friendly”

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