Growbags ( Coco slabs)

Growbags ( Coco slabs)

Keeping up with the latest grow techniques and products are probably becoming increasingly important for an ardent farmer or gardener in today’s rapidly changing world.  Cultivating fast growing plants is becoming a priority especially if it is a method that is 100% natural. Designed and created to suit all requirements Coir Grow bag, also known as Coco slabs, is an easy, useful and effective method to growing healthy plants.

Grow Bags

Coir, an amazing product produced from the finest of coconut husks is the fundamental product of grow bags as it is made out of coco peat (coir pith) or husks chips (coco chips) or a combination of both. Coir pith is thick, fibrous and is the sponge like particle in the middle layer of the coconut. It can be used for any kind of cultivation such as agriculture, hydroponic, organic, indoor planting, home gardening, botanical and even soil treatment. Coir is a product that is completely sustainable and renewable as coconuts are grown in abundance in tropical regions. Its widely used to cultivate bigger crops, better expansion and stronger roots, snail repellant, reduction in disease and fungus netting, to hold more air, better water retention, helps reduce frequent irrigation and is completely recyclable as it is 100% organic.

grow bags

Gaining popularity among the hydroponic farmers for growing of fresh vegetables and flowers coir pith is used instead of rock wool and peat moss. Interested in growing various tomatoes? Then this is the ideal method because the plants do not have deep roots and needs more space for the tomato vines to grow. It is also highly efficient when growing other green house hydroponics such as cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, strawberry, rose, gerbera, orchids and also chrysanthemums.

Growbags or coco slabs are developed with a particular mixture to provide the maximum results and suit every individual crop. The coir is commonly enclosed in a plastic bag that can be recycled with drain slits and plant holes that are pre-cut and stick holes to meet the individual hydration system. They are completely easy to use, cost effective, as it reduces on labor, is highly successful in a controlled growing environments, easy to transport and even store. So why not take on an environmentally friendly approach to growing plants that will increase yields and save money. This is only the beginning to a revolutionary growing experience. 

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