Erosion control products made using coir as raw material

Erosion control products made using coir as raw material

Erosion is a very common issue today with soil and rocks being worn off the surface of the earth. The process happens when natural elements like water, wind or ice, move rocks and soils/sediments from one location to another. In fact, erosion is a natural process that has been accelerated through harmful human activity, such as deforestation.
According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the need for methods to reduce or prevent erosion has seen a dramatic increase over the past two and a half decades as a result of unsustainable methods implemented in land use. Therefore, urgent and timely measures are necessary to ensure the prevention of soil and land erosion.

How can you control erosion and what can be used for it?

The control of erosion means that you place a barrier like rock or coir or vegetation, which will absorb the energy that can otherwise directly impact the soil and cause erosion.

What products can you use?

There are a whole range of products that can be used in the process of erosion control and some of them include;
· Geotextiles (coir netting): These are used globally for bioengineering and slope stabilization processes. They hold the soil together, thereby reducing erosion. The life span of geotextiles is between 3-5 years. It has a multitude of uses including rural road and stream bank stabilisation slope stabilisation, UV protection for under earth crops, filtration, containment and more.
· Coirlogs: These are made of cylindrical netting packed with coir fiber. There is coir netting or matting in each log that comes packed with coconut fiber. The diameter will change according to the need and will usually be found in 20, 30, 40 or 50cm diameters with a height of up to 2 -4 meters. Coirlogs are ideal for landscaping, stream bank stabilisation, shoreline protection and wildlife habitats among others.
· Coir Pallets: These are also known as coir pillows and are a suitable substitute to hard revetments. They make for the best way to introduce marginal habitats to artificially lined rivers, canals and lakes. They provide stream and river bank protection, storm water channel protection, guarding against wind erosion, and are great for mulching, antiweed and vegetative water channels.

Why use coir products?

Coir products are completely sustainable and biodegradable. After the life span of each of the products above are through, they naturally disintegrate into a humus that will enrich the soil instead of harming it. The coir is made from coconut fibre, the extraction of which does not harm the tree at all. The high fiber content in coir makes it ideal as a medium to absorb water and they can also be vegetated allowing for established vegetation. They are also cost effective and come in a variety of sizes and shapes that you can fit into your landscaping budget easily. 

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