Earth Hour

Earth Hour

Earth Hour will be marked around the world on 30th March.

What is the Earth Hour?

Having started as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007 for the first time,  Earth Hour is now the world’s largest grassroots movement that aims to raise awareness on negative impacts of energy consumption and its harmful effects on the environment. Earth Hour has inspired millions of people from different countries to come together as one to take action for our planet and our nature.

What happens in Earth Hour?

Just about everything that is environmentally friendly. Earth Hour does everything from pushing and lobbying for environmentally friendly laws and policies and even crowdfunding for a better and greener future. The highlight of this global event is that YOU are the leader and YOU make the movement. Earth Hour only continues to happen successfully year after year because of YOU and YOUR ACTIONS. It is coordinated by the WWF and other volunteering organisations. The greatest power of Earth Hour therefore, is undoubtedly its people.

Protecting life on earth

As climate change accelerates, we begin to experience its harmful effects. Just think about the sweltering heat waves and the coldest winters that have been experienced over the last couple of years alone.  This is just something that we can feel every day. Unseen to us, this immense change in global climate is leading to a staggering loss in bio diversity as animals are unable to cope with the changes in their natural habitats. Therefore, from 2018-2010, making Earth Hours focuses on sparking ‘never before had’ conversations about the tragic loss of nature and the urgent action we need to repair this before it is indeed too late for the world.

How can you take part in Earth Hour?

The only eligibility that is required is for you to be somebody who cares about the planet. There are many official platforms through which you can partake in Earth Hour, no matter where you are in the world, such as this one

Alternatively, you can get together with your community and build a plan for the rest of the year to do your bit to preserve nature and keep it safe from even more damage.

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