Copycat branding and why you should be aware of it

Copycat branding and why you should be aware of it

Branding it an important aspect of any business, and manybusinesses spend a considerable amount of time developing their brand. It iswhat gives a business its identity and help distinguish it from itscompetitors. In essence, branding is how a business represents itself to itscustomers and the public. So this is why copycat branding bothers businesses,especially small businesses strive to establish themselves within thecompetitive marketplace, standing out with their own brand.

What is a copycat brand?

A copycat brand is one that will copy, mimic or is designed veryintentionally in a similar manner to a brand that has already establisheditself in the marketplace. They are also called parasite brands at times.

What is an established brand?

An established brand distinguishes the product of one producer ortrader from those of others. Very simply put, they are unique. They may havedrawn inspiration from other brands, but they do not copy from others. Forexample, think of Coca Cola or Aston Martin. How many brands around the worldwould be inspired by them?

Why do companies engage in copycat branding?

To summarize, the owners of a copycat brand will want to take somekind of advantage of the investment of the original brand without having to gothrough all that trouble by themselves. They will try and get as close aspossible to the established brand as they legally can.

What can you do about copycat competitors?

  • Be aware of what legal measures you can put inplace to keep your business safe
  • Be completely unique so that if somebodycopies you, it becomes clear that they did
  • Confront and challenge your copycat brandimmediately
  • Give better service to your clients
  • Build your brand loyalty
  • Focus on your own business

If you happen to be wondering why we decided to do this on our blog, it is because we too have become a victim of copycat branding. In the recent past, we have noticed a particular business (providing coir-based products) has very closely copied our brand, including our brand name and logo.

We would like to inform our customers that is the only page that we operate from. We wanted to let you know that this unfortunate incident has occurred so that you can continue to make the right choice. We strive our best to provide 100% biodegradable, high quality coir products and we value our customers and their needs, and we request our customers to take extra care in ensuring where they purchase products from.

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