CoirGreen® Growbags combine the benefits of coir and growbags

CoirGreen® Growbags combine the benefits of coir and growbags

The global gardening culture is changing. In the days gone by, people had to till the soil, get dirty and possibly sweat after a gardening workout. However, now,  gardening has become easier and we have a variety of tools that do the work for us. One such tool is the CoirGreen® Growbag, a 100% biodegradable product. 

A combination of the benefits of coir and grow bags

Combining the benefits of both growbags and coir, CoirGreen® Growbags provide more growing space and planting options. They are also easy to use and are less messy. They provide high yield from a small space and thus are ideal for patio gardening; the bags are also extremely versatile.

Coir has become popular as a potting medium in greenhouse and nursery production. Qualities of coir that make it a good growing medium include high water holding capacity, excellent drainage capacity, physical resilience, and the fact that it is a renewable resource.

It has also been demonstrated that coir can suppress certain soil borne plant pathogens. Combining the disease suppressive properties of coir with other management strategies such as fungicide application in an integrated pest management program may result in more effective and less costly management of soil borne diseases in greenhouse and nursery production.

Benefits of CoirGreen® grow bags

• High quality consistent product.
 • Stability of structure during culture. 
• Steers your crops for maximum yield and fruit quality. 
• Equally good for vegetables, flowers and fruits. 
• Minimizes the risk of disease with stronger plants. 
• Purpose made slabs with pre cut plants/ drain holes reduces labor costs in installation. 
• Ideal air water ratio. 
• Optimizes the use of water and fertilizer. 
• Faster and dense root establishment due to porous structure. 
• Fully organic environmentally friendly substrate with no disposal problems. 
• User friendly product. 
• Convenient and cost effective transportation and storage of compressed slabs. 

The CoirGreen® Growbag can be used to grow tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, aubergine, gerberas, roses, ornamental plants and other vegetables and fruits.

How to use the CoirGreen® growbag
●    Cut 3 – 5 holes per bag (depending on size of bag)
●    Insert water, gradually, until medium expands fully
●    Insert relevant seeds
●    Ensure there is an outflow of water at the bottom of the bag

Growbags Properties

  • pH Value                            –    Between 5.4 – 6.8
  • EC Levels                          –    Below 1500
  • Air water ratio                    –    20/80% – 70/30%
  • Organic Matter                   –    95%
  •  Dry matter                          –    85%
  • Cationic exchange capacity  –   (meq/1 OOg) – 60 – 130

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