CoirGreen™; an ethical company

CoirGreen™; an ethical company

At a time of rapid expansion and growth globally, it is of critical importance that businesses set the precedent for the industrial world by being ethical in their practices. As we have grown in technology, we have impacted nature adversely, leading to global issues such as climate change.


What is an ethical company?


In a broad sense, a completely ethical company will be one that does not cause any damage or harm to the environment and society. It also means that the organisation will not exploit its workforce through the payment of less than adequate wages or using child labour. They will not produce products that are dangerous or harmful in any way. An ethical company is driven not merely by profit gain in their businesses, but also remains committed to doing good to both society and the environment. 


How are we an ethical company?


CoirGreen™ manufactures and supplies a wide range of completely environmentally friendly products that are made out of coir fibre. These products can be used to help the environment such as through soil erosion control, horticulture and agriculture as well. All the products that are manufactured are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are manufactured adhering to the highest industry standards. The products are manufactured in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


Our priorities include ethical business values, cost effectiveness, efficiency and timely delivery. Adopting honest and fair practices in our work with our customers, CoirGreen™ has built solid and loyal partnerships with our stakeholders over the years. We value our employees and our customers, assessing their needs and priorities. Giving back is important to our work.  Among out  corporate social responsibility initiatives are helping under-privileged children, promoting sustainable measures and contributing towards protecting the environment and empowering cottage industries. 

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