CoirGreen® commits to more sustainable practices in 2019

CoirGreen® commits to more sustainable practices in 2019

From extreme weather conditions to worsening pollution, 2018 saw thousands of lives and livelihoods affected in the midst of serious environmental threats.


In the US, the massive wildfires in California were among the deadliest the country had seen, while also leaving many families displaced. At the same time, the wildfires accelerated climate change, releasing tons of carbon dioxide into the air. In India, Delhi reported its worse levels of pollution, prompting fears of a public health crisis. Authorities have declared the condition as ‘severe to emergency’ pointing towards the urgency of the situation. In Brazil, while deforestation in Cerrado savannah fell to a record low this year, compared with the previous year, the same could not be said of the Amazon rainforest. Concerns over deforestation in Brazil continue to grow with President-elect Jair Bolsonaro threatening to pull out of the Paris climate agreement and end fines for environmental violations. In addition, the continuous loss of ice sheets in Antarctica, raising global sea levels, particularly threatening low-lying cities.


Amidst all this, however, governments, communities, and individuals around the world are making positive strides towards addressing environmental challenges. Better and cheaper technologies, and more ambitious policies are helping to combat some of these serious climate and energy threats, while efforts by corporates, academics, activist groups, and local communities are making a difference.
As 2019 approaches, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices will no doubt remain urgent priorities at various national, regional, and global settings. Combating air pollution, reducing waste, conservation of land and water, and promoting more concerted efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are significant.

At CoirGreen, we remain committed towards protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices. We manufacture and supply a range of environmentally-friendly products to address soil erosion and promote vegetation. Made of natural coir fibre, all these products are 100% bio-degradable. In continuing our work, we believe that more collaborative approaches between corporates, as well as researchers, activities, and local communities, can help change the narrative of climate change. Stepping into 2019, we have exciting new projects planned, where we will work closely with our partners on delivering environmentally-friendly solutions.

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