CoirGreen™ Coco Chips are produced when the husk around the coconut is cut into pieces and not separated into coco-fibre or coco-peat.

The coco-chips are washed in clean water to achieve a material which can be safely used in growing media with a low Electrical Conductivity ( EC ) level (salt content). Using coco chips as an additive in potting mixtures creates a growing medium with ideal physical properties. The husk chips can absorb water and yet leave enough air available for sensitive plants such as gerberas and orchids.

Coir Green produces husk chips in 500g bricks as well as 5kg blocks. The following sizes of chips are available in blocks.

8 – 12 mm, 12 – 18 mm and 18 – 24 mm.

Benefits of using CoirGreen™ Coco Chips/Husk Chips

Chemical Effects

CoirGreen™ – "Environmentally Friendly"